Fix Pbucon Error Code 103

In this user guide, we will identify some possible causes that might be causing the pbucon error code 103 and then provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    About Us

    PBUCON is a PunkBuster server setup that allows server admins to finally getUDP-based remote game console and PunkBuster Server brand 1.225 or higher running on it.canAdministrators use PBUCON to broadcast PB logs and optionally execute commands remotely.and additionally (for some games) broadcast the usual logs of remote computer games.Simultaneously catapult real-time PB logging to multiple remote hosts as well asdoes not require special firewall configuration when using the same connectorand the port used by the running PunkBuster server to communicate.

    With PBUCON

    Two things are required to use PBUCON:

    1. Configure the PB server to make sure you accept remote UDP consoles, as this type of configuration is disabled by default.
    2. runs by our company’s PBUCON console applet, can be downloaded from one of the following websites


  • pbucon.exe v0.983 for Win32
  • v0.983 for Linux
  • Abouta very small receive server configuration for PBUCON sessions requires some effort:

    1. three Create a file called “pbucon.use” in the pb home directory (the content of the file server doesn’t matter)
    2. This option sets the pb_sv_usessionlimit parameter to a number greater than 0 (all by default).
    3. Create at least one PBUCON profile to describe allowed interactive help sessions.

    Setting 1: Servers

    Step Create “pbucon.use”

    In order to activate pbucon, you need to create a special file called “pbucon.use” in the “pb” directory of the displayed server.The file can be easily created with any text editor and contains unnecessary content. (The file may even be empty)Administrators who do not have access (for example, FTP) to the pb versions of their servers should take care of the server.the host of the pbucon.use file.

    Step 2: Set The PBUCON Session Limit

    Setting pb_sv_usessionlimit determines the allowed number of concurrent PBUCON active all the time. PBUCON sends a pulse when needed to help youactive session (if no packets have been sent in the last 30 seconds, the heart rate is displayedsent to avoid delaying one of the visits). The PB server automatically sets up ad hoc sessionsdoes not send heartbeat after timeout. The pb_sv_ucontimeout parameter specifiesDuration of the new timeout in (default 300 seconds).

    pb_sv_usessionlimit [limit]
    pb_sv_ucontimeout [timeout]

    Step 3: Create A PBUCON Session Profile

    All active PBUCON routines automatically transfer the PB log at runtime.For pb-server remote all real power PBUCON consoles. NOTE. UDP packets are not ironclad for proper delivery.When conditions are unmistakably good or fair, UDP communication can be very reliable.However, in poor conditions and/or with faulty hardware, some moderators between the PB server and ,PBUCON is running, the program may well be lost, duplicated, this UDP packet. Create

    Use this command pb_sv_uconadd to a PBUCON profile. Requires 4 outputs as follows:

    pb_sv_uconadd [profile type] [hostmask] [username] [profile_type] – [password]

    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

  • The parameter is the minimum numericfield, often equal to 2. UsedAdditional parameter specification for a profile that logs PB server output data to be deleted.Prefix. If management wants to allow sessions based on all profiles to be able to send emails remotelyInput (i.e. the ability to send remote commands) to the PB Server console, add 1 (one) relativeprofile type. If the admin wants to broadcast a normal game by going toremote system, add 2 (two) La to most of the profile_type. NOTE. PB cannot stream for games, save type 2 has no effect on most games.

    pbucon error code 103

    The [hostmask] parameter can be described as a string specifying an address or a range of addresses, which is often the casePermission to open the tour for the specified profile. Most likely it will be an IP address or a specific address (hostnames/DNS subnet masks don’t work anymore). field This can be a private asterisk (*) to indicate that this is currently a PB server.virtualthe source address of the profile must accept it. We recommendWe think to use * for the host mask type for no reason, if the firewall onlyRestricted communication is set to only responsible hosts.

    Parameters [username] and [password], commonly used for remote authentication when creating a lesson.Try.

    PBUCON Profile Examples

    The following types have been found to be several different examples of PBUCON infotypes:

    Example 1: pb_sv_uconadd 3 192.168.village password
    Village example 2: pb_sv_uconadd 0 LeagueStream 3: xxx&password&xxx
    Example Pb_sv_uconadd 1 local community

    The locale 1 example above creates an account with profile type 3, which could mean stream.The PB server creates (0), allows remote commands (+1), and uploads the game stream to the host’s remote system (+2);mask “192 of.168″. specifically means that only remote consoles have an IP address that starts with”192.168.destined” for acceptance; dorf and dorfspassword are the corresponding PBUCON usernames and passwords.Profile. Example

    in #2, a profile_type value of 0 means that the pb log should only be viewed as appropriate forexisting sessions for and , inDo not accept remote command selections and broadcast regular game site logs; hostmask field for profile typeinstructs the PB server to wait from session IP address 10.5.5. And 5 ports from 12345.

    pbucon error code 103

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