SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix Opening EML File In Windows 7.

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    In some cases, your system may display an error code indicating that an EML file is being opened on Windows 7. There can be many reasons for this problem to occur. Right click on that particular one. .eml file. Select “Open With”. If you have both Outlook and Live Mail installed, chances are both will appear in the list and open and view the actual file.

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    What program will open a EML file?

    EML files are basically emails in the form of a file. The easiest way to open them is to implement an email client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, maybe Thunderbird. Newer versions of these programs should automatically save EML files, so double-clicking on a particular file will open it.

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    How do I open an EML file on my PC?

    Open Windows Explorer and find the EML file you want to open. Right-click the EML file th mouse and select “Open With”. Select Mail or Windows Mail. The computer file opens in a Windows Mail template.

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