Fixed Memory Bug Not Storing Values ​​accurately

Here are some simple methods that can help you troubleshoot the memory not storing values ​​accurately error.

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    Any errors due to memtest may indicate incorrect settings, poor memory quality, or other hardware problems.

    After weeks of feeling like something was wrong with my husband and computer, but not knowing exactly how busy I’ve been, I finally, Decided to do a memtest (DOH!). At first it was ok for 2 batches, but I have 16 GB, short time I had 7 errors living in the same 2047 MB ​​of good old RAM in 30 minutes!.

    I started suspecting RAM because there were FPS drops in starcraft II and sometimes after playing I had quite “corrupted Starcraft ii files”. Blizzard’s review sites have stated possible causes: RAM Faulty. It looks and sounds like it actually happened.

    “Memory error detected! Copying with 4ac6a97 and 4ac69f4 did not result in the end of the exact copy”

    How do I know if my RAM module is bad?

    In the new menu, search for “Start” “Windows Memory Diagnostic” and launch the application.Select “New ‘Start Now’ Troubleshooting”. Will Windows restart automatically run the test and Windows will restart.After restarting, wait for the big message about the results itself.

    Corsair Vegeance 16 GB – 1333 CML16GX3M4A1600C9B (but you can enable XPS for 1600, but will it help at all?)

    How many errors in Memtest are acceptable?

    That’s right, there shouldn’t be any mistakes. Some people mistake one, but 0 is correct. It should be noted that sometimes errors do not mean a problem with RAM, but with memory, with the motherboard.

    Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen 3 Motherboard BIOS – (First 0402 Boot BIOS)

    I am Maximus, checked my IV Gene Guide and my Ram is very well maintained. I have also checked the timings with And bios and the current is around 1.501 which is optimistic as it is rated at 1.5V. My question is that given our own faulty RAM, I am isolating the real problem from RAM only Or maybe the motherboard too? defective. Or maybe Is the RAM malfunction caused by the wrong motherboard?

    At the moment, I think there is no other way but to return the RAM module number 4, is not it?

    Other things I was able to do was at some point, since our own RAM is currently overflowing at 1333Mhz, I decided to enable a certain XPS profile which worked fine but it increased my base voltage in terms of processor, and I was just that. I “tweaked the selected defaults” in the bios to go back to what it was. Maybe something got messed up? about 10 days ago.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

  • Other Notes: In SC 2, among other things, everything went smoothly, but since my usual amount of hard disk RAM was about 10-20%, I probably did not manage to install these 2047 MB ​​of RAM. also

    I feel like my PC is running Starcraft, ii I understand that while the performance of 3D Mark 11 is normal on my system, my frame rate is lower than my system. Created by I have a problem with the thread here:

    memory error does not store values accurately

    When you get the best error, the next question is to confirm how to fix it. The most well-known cause of memory errors can be a faulty memory card. Unfortunately, due to differences in motherboards and therefore chipsets, it is not possible to reliably obtain a physical chip, since this is not possible with software alone. However, you can determine which DIMM is bad if you have another by excluding the following: Start the device with one memory card at a time; If errors are still found, the installed board is defective. It’s also a solid diagnosis for another reason: sometimes the problem is actually motherboard related and goes away when the client installs less RAM or thinks the DIMMs are in the wrong slots. If you have access to several computers on the go, you can also frequently check for “bad” RAM to see if the problem is with the memory of a particular variable.

    memory error does not store values accurately

    Should I open the computer, but so Don’t start testing the 1 At module, then if one of them fails, move it to another location, and if you find it doesn’t fail in the slots, that would mean the motherboard is broken, right?

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