Errors Related To Cps Backup Jobs Need To Be Fixed.

If you are getting cps backup job error code error on your PC, you should check out these troubleshooting tips.

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  • I wasn’t able to update to the latest full version, but the good news is that I now have a solution. The problem is caused by a corrupted CPS database. See below to resolve the issue.

    1. Write down all CPS tasks and their associated target clones as you will need to design them at the end of this single procedure

    3. Rename the database folder by running C:Program FilesVERITASContinuous Protection Server directly to database.old

    4. Restart the CPS installation on the installation media and select the “Services” option. This will create a new CPS database and database folder. Reboot the server at the end to restore.

    5. You should now be able to recreate all of your assistant’s goals and objectives, and ideally all of themWill work correctly.

    Why did my backup or restore job fail?

    Backup and restore jobs may fail when using one of the following handlings: Backup Corrupt Error: 0xe000846b – The resource may not be able to be backed up due to a very serious error connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows server. An error occurred remotely. agent.

    Discussion of enterprise software, Symantec Backup EXEC CPS backup issues in the technical area; Hey I almost certainly won the BE 12.5 and the CPS system in live performances with no problems…

    1. Sep 22, 2011 9:21 AM #1


      I’ve had the BE 12.5 and CPS running remarkably stable around a gig without any issues for almost some time. So I started consulting V-79-57344-818. Error messages appear in BE saves for the target CPS version with one last error:

      Last Error: 0xe0000332 – Files are currently being backed up to CPS Protection Server, and backup with Backup Exec is simply not possible. Adjust the schedules for the CPS and Backup Exec jobs that restore these files to avoid creating them at the same time, and then try running the Backup Exec job again. Last Error Category: Resource Error

      Symantec is not very consistent in its actual characterthe acting of this problem in these particular BE error messages, knowing, in addition, that the forums state that this simultaneously indicates corrupted files and BE looks for backup files in the destination folder that CPS is currently using. . I can tell you what’s garbage at all because I’ve looked at the directories and they are fine (can be restored unchanged) and the CPS policy is intentionally set to NOT directly override the BE backup plan to avoid this. Also, I’ve seen on forums where Symantec reps have advised people to split snapshots instead of hotspot folders to avoid this, which I don’t think Symantec advises, where CPS documentation is indeed much harder to recover if CPS needs to be recovered.

      It would be great if Symantec could fix this as it’s not always a fatal error and I’d love to see a way to turn an idea error into a warning instead of reporting an error. Related to this, is there a way to do this? Any other suggestions on how I could get around uhthat problem? Should I completely disable CPS in the BE backup window and if so any suggestions on how to do this on a forex basis (on Windows Server 2003?) Thanks.

    September 22, 2011 at 9:21 am #1


    I’ve had a remarkably stable working system of BE 12.5 and CPS in ad without any issues for some time now. All of a sudden I saw error messages V-79-57344-818 in BE backups for CPS destination folders due to a recent bug:

    Last Error: 0xe0000332 – Files are primarily backed up to most CPS protection servers and Backup Exec cannot back up. Set up schedules for CPS and Backup Exec jobs that back up individual files to avoid running people at the same time, and then retry running most of the Backup Exec jobs. Ultimate error concept: resource error

    Symantec has not been very consistent in its portrayal of this issue in BE bug reports, with the baseline, knowledge, and best practices approved.indicating that this is the result of both associated corrupted files and BE’s attempt to back up the files for the target file, which is currently properly maintained by CPS. I can tell you it’s rubbish because I’ve looked at the files and if they’re ok (can be updated unchanged) and the CPS schedule is indeed intentionally set to NOT overlap thanks to the BE backup schedule to avoid this. I’ve also come across this on the forums where Symantec has repeatedly advised people to back up normal snapshots rather than target files to avoid this, which I think Symantec advises against doing in the CPS documentation, and restoring CPS endings should be much more difficult. restore.

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    Gli Errori Relativi Ai Processi Di Masterizzazione Cps Devono Essere Corretti.
    Cps 안심 작업 관련 오류 수정이 필요합니다.
    Ошибки, связанные с заданиями резервного копирования Help Cps, необходимо постоянно исправлять.
    Deberían Corregirse Los Errores Relacionados Con Los Trabajos De Copia De Seguridad De Cps.
    Fouten Gebaseerd Op Cps-back-uptaken Moeten Worden Verholpen.
    Błędy Związane Z Zadaniami Tworzenia Kopii Zapasowych Cps Powinny Zostać Naprawione.
    Fel Relaterade – Cps Backup Jobb Måste Sluta åtgärdas.
    Fehler Im Zusammenhang Mit CPS-Sicherungsjobs Müssen Behoben Werden.
    Les Erreurs Adaptées Aux Tâches De Sauvegarde Cps Doivent être Corrigées.
    Erros Relacionados A Oportunidades De Trabalho De Backup De Cps Precisam Ser Corrigidos.