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    Here are some simple steps that can help you resolve the issue with error description. The Visual Basic error handling model allows programmers to help you take specific actions when this error occurs, such as jumping to almost any particular line of code. When a significant exception occurs in Active Expert, the standard Visual Basic error monitor works as expected.


    public: this static Microsoft::VisualBasic::ErrObject ^Err();
    public static Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject Err Member();
    static error: Unit -> Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject
    Public function Err() similar to ErrObject




    This example uses these properties of the Err object found when creating the error dialog box. Note that the first time you use each Clear method when simply calling Visual Error Basic with most of the Raise methods, Visual Basic default values ​​are used as the appearance properties of Error< /code> object.

    Display message as string' An error message is generated when this error occurs.On Error Resume Next 'Resume error handling.clear()Err.Raise(6) ' Throws an "overflow" error.' Check the target of the error, then display the message.If error number <> 9, then Msg = "Error Inch # & Str(Err.& number) " appears to have been generated " & Err.Source and ControllChars.CrLf and Err.Description MsgBox(Message, MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Error")end if


    The properties of a particular Err object are set by the error generator - Visual Basic, the object, or often the programmer.

    When a run-time error occurs, the err object factors are populated with information that uniquely identifies the error and can be used to begin troubleshooting the error. To create a big runtime error in your programming, use the Raise.


    The capabilities of the Err object are returned after exiting Exit Sub, Exit Function, Property, - or even a statement Resume Next in a powerful error handler. If you use any form of our Resume statement outside of powerful error handling, the exact properties of the Err object are usually not reset. You can use the special clear method to explicitly reset Err.

    Use the Raise method instead of the specific Error directive to hinder run-time classes and system error parts. Yourthe decision to use the Raise method in other HTML depends on how rich the type of information you want to return.

    The err object is a built-in object with global scope. So you definitely don't need to create an event in code.

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  • 1.17 Error Handling

    What is error object in VB net?

    Description. The Err object contains properties and methods that you can use to get information about a single run-time error in a single Visual Basic program. You can also use the Err target to generate errors by resetting the error object.

    Erl Property


    Return value


    Err.Clear Method



    Explicitly resets all the properties of our Err object after the error has been handled.

    < /tables >

    Error .Description, property

    Fix PC Errors in Minutes

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

  • Microsoft.VisualBasic.

    error object

    Err.= schema stringTo set each of our properties
    string = Err.Description To return the value of the main property


    A read/write property containing a short group describing the run-time error.

    error description in

    .GetException Error Method


    Return value

    What is error describe the types of error in VB net?

    In Visual Basic, slips fall into one of three sections: syntax errors, runtime errors, and validation errors.

    The System.Exception object, or a new object derived from it, containing the current exception


    What is an error statement?

    Also includes an error handler that specifies the location of a normal in a procedure; can also be used to disable a very good error handler. The On Error statement is almost certainly used in unstructured error handling and can be used in place of methodical exception handling. Structured exception handling is almost certainly in .

    Err.HelpContext property



    A read/write property that contains or returns an integer containing the context ID of the corresponding topic in the help file.

    .HelpFile Error Property



    A read/write string property containing the full path generated by the Windows help file.

    Property Error .LastDLLError



    A read-only property containing a software error code representing a functional error generated in a DLL called from a VB program.

    Err.Number property



    error description in

    A read/write property containing a numeric identifier indicates that the error code is appropriate for the most recently generated error.

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