How To Fix Blackberry Desktop Manager Has Stopped Working In Windows 7?

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    In this article, we’ll identify some possible causes that might be preventing blackberry Desktop Manager from working on Windows 7, and then I’ll suggest a few ways to try and get rid of the problem.

  • Errors on BlackBerry: Blackberry Desktop Manager has stopped working

    I’m using Desktop Manager on a Blackberry Bold (9000); I’m syncing with Outlook 2007 and using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit via w SP1. The sync worked well given years of experience with previous Blackberries, on the contrary, the sync issue arose after a year or two due to my previous Curve camera. I recreated the curve with a bold line of thought that a damaged gear could be a winding problem (too many drops).

    However, as you can see, the problem remains. While it seems like I can easily sync one way where (from BB PC) to Intermediate Medical Practice Guide, it does show calendar entries syncing back and forth if it doesn’t. There is no new recording schedule on BB. This error is derived from a Windows error and says: Blackberry Desktop Has Office Manager has stopped working.

    I tried all the solutions I could find on the web, namely:

  • Uninstall and reinstall Desktop Manager by running the installer as an administrator.
  • Erase and reinstallWhat is the OS of my Blackberry (I’m using
  • Usually delete the Intellisync folder
  • Run scanpst on my Outlookpst
  • Delete calendar entries on Blackberry (workaround only)
  • Selection is the only approach that fails. When I clear entries on a Blackberry,

    blackberry desktop manager has stopped working windows 7

    Process sync adds them correctly, and the next time I run our sync, it will run without issue. However, once I’ve done all the entries on the BB block, the Desktop Manager freezes again and the only way to get this kind of work done is to clear the item lists on the Blackberry and start over.< /p>

    I have been with you for several months now and have already invested both mobiles of all BBs in this question. I have a cool new camera, but I’ll record it when I’m not at the clinic, when I’m not at the clinic, when I make appointments, because I know they helped keep you in sync when I put in BB . Enter the top half of the blackberry…?

    I’m desperate. Help is welcome.


    Hi Brad!

    I ran into the same annoying problem described for you guys here.
    After posting on many reef forums,Your fishing and/or discovering a very unexpected way for a different type of BB in addition to a different version, the DM continues XP, not Vista. I tried desperately and miraculously the product worked!

    Launch DM BB and navigate to – Sync Set – Sync – Sync (button) – Work Schedule – Advanced (button) – Branch Mapping (Field Mapping Button) and apparently I got the sync between “Alarm” pin and “loose” assigned” and just “invited” fields.

    blackberry desktop manager has stopped working windows 7

    I’ve done this for now and everything works great.

    I have the latest BB Bold, Vista Ultimate Bit), (32 MSOffice 2007 (PRO) and DMv4.7. Hopefully

    This also works for buyers.


  • BlackBerry 8900: “Blackberry Desktop Manager has stopped working”.

    Curve 8900 on T-Mobile.Fune Sync worked a few days or weeks ago. I recently used the Blackberry website if you want to update all software after which I got a message on some of my phones to do so ( or maybe USB), Windows tells me that the experts say that “Blackberry Desktop Manager has stopped working.” It always stops working when Desktop Manager manages the reader’s calendar. Try

    I did everything I could: uninstall and reinstall, update Outlook, disable Windows Defender, USB and Bluetooth, use the t-mobile website but the EDGE website… nothing . Help!

    Desktop Manager v5.0.0.11

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  • Portable software v4.6.1.231

    Windows Defender is disabled

    Synchronize Outlook 2007

    This may mean that our BlackBerry calendar database is corrupted. Are records in Outlook data on BlackBerry? In this case, you can also try BlackBerry and Collection and then sync again. I would say delete the database on the Blackberry, back it up and restore it | Progressive. On the right, you can see the BlackBerry databases. Therefore, you can select a calendar and then click the “Delete” button. This will delete all BlackBerry journal entries. Then try to sync.

  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager smartphones have stopped working

    “Desktop Manager has stopped working” is what I get whenI’m trying to synchronize my diagram. It gets hints from the address book, but always stops at the calendar. Suggestions?

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