Debug Log Location Solution For Backup Exec Remote Agent

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    In this user’s guide, we’ll discover some of the possible causes that could cause the backup Exec Remote Agent debug log to be triggered, and then I’ll provide potential fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    How to enable/disable Beutility debug logging in Backup Exec.


    Follow the steps listed here to enable/disable debug logging for everyone. The beauty:

    1. From Windows Explorer, return to Open Program FilesSymantecBackup Exec and the folder The beauty. executable

    2. Right-click the server name and select Turn on debug logs. See fig. one.

    Enable debug logs

    to enable Backup debug routinesExec for a particular type of Backup Exec service. With the additional activation of the debugging function, debugger files are created and stored on a dedicated media server.

    How do I view logs in debug mode?

    To view the debug log, from the Settings menu, type “Debug Logs” in the “Quick Search” field, then immediately select “Debug Logs”. Then click View next to the debug log you want to view. Click Download to download the log as any XML file. Debug logs typically have the following limitations.

    For a late installation, the Backup Exec log files are located in the logs directory at the following path: DriveLetter>ProgramsSymantecBackup ExecLogs or DriveLetter>ProgramsVeritasBackup ExecLogs

    Enable debug logging when checking the job handler and remote agent to get a Windows service

    includes a callable log for debugging the Backup Exec Job Engine service and the remote agent.

    NDMP kernel debug level
    backup exec remote agent debug log location

    Indicates that engine-level NDMP debugging information should be logged.

    How do I view Backup Exec logs?

    To view the log file window, select one of the job log tabs. Describes the applied device and media information, as well as replacement and addition information. “Send in Disaster Recovery Form to C:Program FilesVeritasBackup ExecDataServer.

    You can enable one of three specific options for global logging:

    Log only NDMP errors, log stream messages, and verbose logs.

    NDMP error log Only

    How do I run a backup in debug mode?

    Open the registry editor by typing regedit in the run window (press the Win + R keys on your keyboard to launch the run window).Find CreateDebugLog and set it to 1 to enable bengine remote debugging on the BE server.Close one of our registry editors.

    gives general information and generated complications.

    Flowmessage log

    contentIt’s both a good general overview of the entity involved, as well as the most common NDMP errors.

    Verbose logging

    contains more facts and should only be used when directed by VERITAS Technical Support.

    Activate Debug log for Job Engine in conjunction with Remote Agent Service for Windows” .


    Enable debug logs should only be used when specific information about a Backup Very Own Exec installation is required to detect problems. Enabling debug logging seriously affects the performance of the media server.

    Code: 100001042

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

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    How do I enable debug logs in Backup Exec?

    In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Program FilesSymantecBackup Exec folder and open Beutility.exe.Right-click the designated server and select Enable debug logs.Select Enable debug logs to initiate Backup Exec debugging procedures for various Backup Exec services.

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    backup exec remote agent debug log location

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