Steps To Fix Accessories Not Showing In The Start Menu

These repair tips are worth reading if you have accessories that don’t show up in the Start menu error message.

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    Step 1: Press the Windows logo theme key and R on the PC at the same time to open the Run Command dialog box. Step 3: The Windows accessories catalog should appear in the program folder. Step 4 If: The Windows Accessories folder appears only in the Programs folder, at some point it may also appear in the Start menu.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer

  • A In Windows 8, many system controls and tools available on all Windows operating systems are hidden by default. For example, with this special system option, “Tools” no longer appears in “Accessories”, a section that can be accessed from the Windows Start menu. However, you can enable the display of system tools in the form of tiles on the Windows 12 Start screen.


    How do I open run accessories?

    Open the Run command window from the Start menu. Then scroll Discover to the letter W, open the Windows system directory and click Run. On Windows Top 7, open the Start menu, in which case go to All Programs -> Accessories -> Run to launch Eyeport.

    Press the “Windows logo” key and the “C” key at the same time. The charms panel will open.

    Is in accessories from Start menu?

    Open the Windows Start menu.Click on the “All Programs” option.Locate the corresponding accessories folder, with click on it.Select the program you want to open.


    to display the Settings option on the charms icon. The settings menu will open.

    accessories not showing up in start menu

    Drag the slider under “Show Administration” to “Yes”, then click “Start Now” again. Administrative and policy tool iconsWindows cents.appear as thumbnails on the Windows Start screen.


      Hello everyone!

      I have a problem, a few days ago I realized that I do not have all my programs from the start menu, they are all on the left and when I search for them
      For in the search engine, I can not find everything.


    2. Files are missing from the Start menu, All Programs

      RE: ULTIMATE windows 32bit, 7 files missing from Start All Programs list.

      I am getting “Multi-Launch Menu” programs that are not in my “All Programs List”. The missing entries certainly refer to part of the larger “Standards” folder and any files associated with it.
      How much
      to my knowledge, all new missing files are inside the application and can be found through the center “Search in the start menu”. This problem occurs when adding users, but I can’t find any solution could return everything to its original state after the installation OS.

      I see them uploading apps and stuff to a specific location in iexplore.exe %allusersprofile%Start MenuPrograms .

      Everything I tried to do to get these items into my start menu, “all” programs broke, creating except for the shortcut. The secret of Formula 1 is not a real solution, since two sheets of the folder leave Par.

      When I right-click on the highlighted “All Programs” box in the start menu, there is a small list of options, when “Open All Users” is selected, a new window opens again. In this “C” window, I can click on the “Programs” folder, where I can see the entries that should be missing in my “All Programs” layout, as well as the ones I currently have in my “All Programs” file, together in the same directory. see list of lists.

      How can I bring the above directory listing for programs back to the All Programs area of ​​the start menu so that I don’t have to go through that extra window and select a folder in order for Internet programs to find what I’m looking for?let me in?do you want?
      I noticed also that my folder gives you a lock when I’m in the main user’s admin account. If you knew how to help you get rid of the blockage it would be helpful, but I often find this information if I’m lucky enough to find this answer?

      I encounter folders (hidden first level) with the C: drive that I mentioned as visible, while the protection remains general for operating system folders. Now can I implement these files in the iexplore.exe submission site list. This didn’t fix the problem in the All Programs archive selection list, and I can’t remember if this folder was hidden in cases where the OS was installed.

      When I open the system again to allow direct login to the admin account in zu, every time it shows the same as when installing the OS with all other programs soon to be installed.

      Now that people have made progress, I’m still here. Head *bang slowly :banghead: getting closer to understanding. Can someone help me get there a little faster?

    3. The installed program should not be displayed in the
      menu “Start”

      Works fine on Windows 10 35-bit laptops, but there shouldn’t be any specific reason you might think of on Windows 10 Pro 64

      thank you

      Click to enlarge…

      Not really. I just spent some time editing one for a batch file I have with a label that always increments. Here are the steps I did.
      First I created a nice desktop shortcut


      Then I put it in the start menu/programs folder

      PROGRAMS DO NOT SHOW IN THE MENU, go to [IMG] png%3fs%3dd928f28248e7404bd10fd169da17b51f&hash=4def504bb6233b78873376f10e882657″>

      Then “New” appears in all apps Yah, the ones I click pin to the start menu.

      It will be done there.

      accessories not showing up in start menu

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